Published November 28, 2017
When Victor returned from checking on the horses, over an hour
later, he announced himself first with a knock at the door of
the …
Published November 25, 2017
Once the meal was over, and everyone had eaten their fill, they
passed the jugs of ale around to fill their beakers, in preparation
Published November 22, 2017
Ashiver of excitement suddenly ran the length of Ambrosius body,
causing him to blink, disbelievingly, trying to clear his vision. As
he opened his …
Published November 19, 2017
The brothers led their horses over to the central arena, a large rectangular
fenced enclosure with a solid central wooden spine running
lengthways. Around …
Published November 16, 2017
The following week took the brothers farther out of their native
province of Britannia Prima than they’d even been before. And
despite being a …
Published November 13, 2017
As he woke at first light the following morning, Victor first looked
over to his brother, who still hadn’t stirred, but noticed something
strange. …
Published November 10, 2017
The following morning, though not too early, Victor quietly
knocked three times on Ambrosius’s bedroom door, at one end of
his squadron’s long, narrow …
Published November 7, 2017
After two more hours heading east on that narrow, winding track,
the wooded copses gave way to barren heath, sloping gradually
down towards Tribruit, …
Published November 4, 2017
The return journey northwards was much slower than before, as the
partially triumphant, yet bruised and outmanoeuvred Britons
trudged alongside their now completely exhausted …
Published November 1, 2017
They set off at a canter, due to the urgent situation, even though
the horses had already endured hard riding to get here. Both