Excerpt from Chapter 6

Published November 13, 2017

As he woke at first light the following morning, Victor first looked
over to his brother, who still hadn’t stirred, but noticed something
strange. Instead of lying stretched out on his blanket, as normal, he’d
adopted the same kind of foetal position in which they’d found his wife
lying, three day before. It appeared as if Ambrosius was attempting to
empathise with his dead wife’s last moments, and in some way to get
close to her once again. Though in such a pitiful pose, Victor thought he
looked more like an exhausted hedgehog, curled into a defensive-ball in
an attempt to shut out the rest of the world. “You awake, Ambrose?”
he asked, in no more than a whisper, not wishing to disturb him if he

After a long pause, the reply came back: “Yes.”

Having already got Ambrosius eating again – although still only
sparingly – Victor prepared to address the next highest priority concern
over his brother’s welfare. So he tentatively asked if he’d managed to get
any sleep overnight.