Excerpt from Chapter 7

Published November 16, 2017

The following week took the brothers farther out of their native
province of Britannia Prima than they’d even been before. And
despite being a new experience for both of them, it remained even more
disconcerting for Victor. Because try as he might, he was unable to persuade
his brother to elaborate on exactly what he had planned once they
got where they were going. Obviously, it had something to do with seeking
help from the troops based in the north, but as to how Ambrosius
intended to go about getting it – or what he’d do if he got it – he
wouldn’t yet say. And though it tried Victor’s patience, and his loyalty to
their own regiment – from which they were now both technically deserting
– he decided he’d indulge the young widower; at least, until they
reached their ultimate destination.

They passed right through the Midland region of Flavia Caesariensis,
containing the tribal areas of the Corieltavi and Cornovii, finally
reaching the land of the Brigantes in the south-western part of Britannia
Secunda; the most northerly province below the Aelian Wall. They’d kept
up a steady rate of roughly twenty-five miles a day at a walking pace, as
that was all they wanted the horses to endure continuously, with regular
stops for oats from their saddlebags and grazing from the roadside
banks. But after leaving the town of Mamucium, their progress slowed to
around twenty miles a day as they encountered the steeper, more hilly
terrain west of the Pennine ridge.