Excerpt from Chapter 8

Published November 19, 2017

The brothers led their horses over to the central arena, a large rectangular
fenced enclosure with a solid central wooden spine running
lengthways. Around the edges, trainee riders were being trotted up
and down on their mounts and shown how to use their reins with only
one hand, while balancing practice lances in the other.

Victor noticed something different about the local saddles to his
own. “They don’t have two pairs of horns on their saddles, front and
back, like ours. It looks like there’s just a ridge running across the back
from one side to the other and a small central horn at the front.”

“And their legs aren’t hanging loosely at the sides either, look,”
Ambrosius agreed, pointing with his finger. “They seem to be supported
on some kind of strap hanging from either side of the saddle. Maybe it’s
a cultural thing, particular to the original Sarmatian cavalry unit.”