Excerpt from Chapter 9

Published November 22, 2017

Ashiver of excitement suddenly ran the length of Ambrosius body,
causing him to blink, disbelievingly, trying to clear his vision. As
he opened his eyes once more, he felt his helmet being carefully unbuckled
as he lay there; presumably to check him for injuries.

“I don’t see any bleeding, and nothing seems broken,” said the
mouth beneath those bewitchingly familiar eyes.

Oh… so he probably wasn’t dead either then, Ambrosius silently considered.
Nor, evidently, was he dreaming, as he instantly realised from the
sharp stab of pain as he tried to sit up on his badly bruised right elbow.

“I’m sorry for unhorsing you that way,” his conqueror apologised,
her long, fair, braided ponytail falling forwards over her wide, scalearmoured
shoulder. “I’m afraid I cheated, rather; but then, so did you,”
she added, her eyes sparkling at him. She must have found him equally
fascinating, being a stranger to this fort, just as much as she was a
stranger to him; or was she?