Excerpt from Chapter 10

Published November 25, 2017

Once the meal was over, and everyone had eaten their fill, they
passed the jugs of ale around to fill their beakers, in preparation
for a fuller discussion.

“I’m afraid we may have you two gentlemen at a disadvantage,
knowing your names, so a few introductions are in order,” Ludgran
began. “My daughter, you already know, of course. But the other dragon
leaders,” he said, turning to the two on his right, “are Bedwyr and Cai,
who I believe you may briefly have met…”

“I was the one inducting new recruits when you first arrived,” elaborated
Bedwyr, sitting nearest. “I remember thinking to myself at the
time: ‘Where did these two come from, all of a sudden?’ ” he added, laughing

“And I was conducting the lance training,” revealed Cai, sitting just
beyond him. “So tell me… just who gave you permission to gate-crash
my session?” he joked, with an air of faux indignation, eliciting a round
of laughter from all those present, including the brothers.