Excerpt from Chapter 13

Published December 4, 2017

The following day, Ambrosius returned to the armoury to collect

True to his word, Barrivendus had restored the lower half of the
blade to its former glory. He’d removed the unsightly yellow patina –
from the originally used preservative – and polished the underlying steel
to a smooth, gloss finish till it shone as he proudly held it up to the light.
He’d also recoated the surface with some fresh linseed oil to protect
against rust and provided it with a new scabbard, as promised. Though
as he carefully slid the blade inside it, he gave a sigh of regret before
reluctantly handing it back to its now rightful owner. With a wistful
smile, he conceded: “Oh, well… it’s time for me to say good-bye to you
now, darling; though I was glad to be able to hold you for just one day.
She’s all yours now, Arthur, and may you both do great things together.”