Excerpt from Chapter 14

Published December 7, 2017

Three days later the first division was just arriving at their provincial
capital of Eboracum, sitting at the fork between two rivers. It
loomed impressively large in the distance as they approached one of the
two longer sides of that rectangular fortress from the west. Ambrosius
guessed that it covered about fifty acres in area – nearly ten times the size
of the forts at either Clausentum or Bremetennacum. That would be proportionally right, with it originally being built to house one of the oldfashioned 5,000-men legions of the Principate; the period when the
Empire was expanding.

Though that was before the army reforms of Emperor Constantine
the great, nearly 200 years ago now. Maximus Britannicus, as Constantine
additionally became known, had earned that suffix of ‘Great British’ or
‘Great of Britain,’ since he and his father had defended the Aelian Wall
against yet another Pictish threat; just as had the original Arthur. And the
son had gone on to be crowned Emperor – right here in Eboracum –
upon the death of his father, shortly afterwards. Not only was he the
man who finally emancipated Ambrosius’s faith of Christianity – alongside
all other religions at the same time – but he’d continued the ongoing
modernization of state institutions.