Published November 7, 2017
After two more hours heading east on that narrow, winding track,
the wooded copses gave way to barren heath, sloping gradually
down towards Tribruit, …
Published November 4, 2017
The return journey northwards was much slower than before, as the
partially triumphant, yet bruised and outmanoeuvred Britons
trudged alongside their now completely exhausted …
Published November 1, 2017
They set off at a canter, due to the urgent situation, even though
the horses had already endured hard riding to get here. Both
Published October 29, 2017
Alonely grey pencil of smoke drifted slowly upwards to write its sad
story on the pale blue canvas overhead. Beneath lay the still
smouldering …
Published October 26, 2017
“Historians used to call this time the ‘Dark Ages’. Perhaps now, the real Arthur might be persuaded to step out into the light.”